Life cycle cost (LCC) analysis is gaining popularity among EU public authorities and various sectors, driven by Level(s) framework requirements. The project aims to address this gap by providing accurate cost analysis. The VERIFY database will be updated to include life cycle information for all REN+HOMES energy production and storage innovations.

Target technical data

Reduction of duplicated tasks


Data formats supported (Likert Scale)


Ease of usability /interface (Likert Scale)


Process Time savings


Design phase cost savings


Maintenance and operation cost savings


Total cost reduction vs typical construction/retrofitting


State of the art and main challenges

LCC has been adopted by more EU authorities across sectors. Current tools lack full LCC integration. Reliable LCA and LCC results hinge on data quality. Our tool handles issues like missing or faulty data through secure online pre-processing and storage in a postgresql database.


Innovations and added value

VERIFY is a web platform for LCA and LCC and will be used to assess the environmental performance and life-cycle oriented economic aspects of each of the TPs according to the Level(S) framework indicators. The database of VERIFY will be updated to include life cycle information of all REN+HOMES energy production and storage product innovations through the development of relevant LCA models. Moreover, it will be adapted to support updatable and interoperable libraries with a view to seamlessly communicate with VERIFY, TCQi, DBL, and BDEA tools. Online LCA/LCC toolkits functionality will also provide real time re-clustering algorithms, able to identify and adapt cluster modifications.