La Garriga (Spain)

Private apartment blocks

The Spanish demo site consists of a new private multi-family construction. It is built with an innovative industrialised system that meets PassivHaus standards, based on prefabricated panels with a high amount of recycled materials (30%). This building is 100% electric thanks to aerothermal heat pumps and PV and it uses smart management technologies.

Technical data


La Garriga


La Garriga, Catalonia, Spain

Köppen classification

Cfa (Humid subtropical climate)

Conditioned area

1.450 m2

Promoter/building managers


Urban area

779 m2


EVOWALL + subcontract

Project type

New building

Construction company/installers

EVOTECNIA, EVOWALL, Subcontractors


Private non-profit

Financing institutions

Own funds, bank

Execution timeline

09/2023– 10/2024


EVOTECNIA, EVOWALL, iTeC, Worldsensing, subcontractors

Solution and innovation potential

CPEH Methodology Certification

PassivHaus with updated PER factors for cooling and dehumidification

Circular products and materials .

Recycled concrete and composites for panels, CO2 footprint of the building reduced by 80% to 90%

Low energy demand

Certified PassivHaus standard, Mechanical ventilation with efficient 90% heat recovery

H&C systems

100% electric system for DHW, heating, refrigeration through aerothermal system, BAPV for energy community


Highly efficient comfort ventilation system with heat recovery

Passive solar gains

Highly solar energy in winter, passive solar protection and automatic solar shield devices


Only LED lighting in common spaces and inner apartments

REN production and storage

PV=24 kwp S=130 m2 (E/W orientation), 33kwh batteries. Heat System:35kw = 5kw/unit

Smart metering and BEM

Using Worldsensing´s embedded wireless IoT devices (HW#3) and sophisticated Building Management System (BMS) developed by ITeC and Worldsensing

District exchange

Establish an energy community with collaborative management

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