Cluj (Romania)

Renovation of students accommodations

The Romanian demo site consists of the renovation of the student dormitories at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. The use of additional renewable energy sources, like BIPVs façade panels and an innovative “geothermal wall”, will transform the renovated section of the student’s accommodation into a positive energy building. The energy surplus generated will be shared with the neighboring buildings (other dormitories, the food court, etc.).

Technical data


University Student Dormitories


Cluj-Napoca (Romania)

Köppen classification

Cfb (Temperate oceanic climate)

Conditioned area

17,376 m2

Promoter/building managers


Urban area

Approx. 20.000 m2


Architecture Faculty within TUCN

Project type


Construction company/installers

Servelect/TUCN; COSTA V.O.C. IMPEX (Geot-Wall)


Romanian Government (Public)

Financing institutions

European Investment Bank, Romanian Fund for Energy Efficiency

Execution timeline

Renovation: 09/2022 – 09/2026


TUCN workshop and subcontractors

Solution and Innovation potential

CPEH Methodology Certification

TUCN involved the Romanian Green Building Council (RoGBC) as a certification body during the project implementation

Circular products and materials

Self-levelling roof, precast panel, decorative elements, indoor installations and green relaxation area made with construction waste

Energy demand

Highly insulated building envelope and ventilation heat recovery

H&C systems

Heat pump boiler 50 kW and groudwater heat pump with geothermal-wall exchange


Ventilation heat recovery, low electricity use, window opening possibility

Passive solar gains

Precast panels with photocatalytic properties


High-efficient LED lighting systems

REN production and storage

BAPV system of 65 kWp, Solar thermal system 132 kW, Thermal storage of 10,000 litres

HORIZON project Smart metering and BEM

LPWAN infrastructure, building management systems (BMS) and building automation systems (BAS)

District exchange

Export and sharing of the electricity excess between the other buildings

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