Innsbruck (Austria)

Young living apartment blocks

The Austrian demo site consists of new apartments for young people. Its innovation relies on the hydrogen system (H2S) connected to an advanced heat management unit to supply heating energy, combined with a groundwater heat pump for extra heating/cooling.

Technical data


Junges Wohnen


Innsbruck (Austria)

Köppen classification

Dfc (Continental Subarctic Climate)

Promoter/Building managers

NEUE HEIMAT TIROL Gemeinnützige WohnungsGmbH

Conditioned area

3635,5 m2

Urban area

4272,5 m2


Dietrich|Untertrifaller Architekten ZT GmbH

Project type

New building


Private non-profit

Financing institutions

NHT, State of Tyrol, private Bank

Execution timeline

02/2024 – 10/2025

Solution and Innovation potential

CPEH methodology certification

PassivHaus premium, upgraded with the effects of seasonal H2 storage.

Circular products and materials

Wastewater heat-recovery system, recycled concrete and mineral wool for facades and curtain wall

Ultra low energy demand

Certified PassivHaus PREMIUM, triple glazed windows, efficient heat recovery system

H&C Systems

Prototype 20ft container composed by electrolyser and energy storage, space and water heating


High efficient comfort ventilation system with heat recovery

Passive solar gains

High solar energy in winter and passive solar protection


Only LED lighting is performed, and architectural design provides high level of daylight

REN production and storage

BIPV: 200 m² at the south façade, BAPV: 320 m² at the roof, seasonal storage via GKN metal hydride hydrogen storage, highly insulated hot water storage tanks are provided

Smart metering and BEM

Sophisticated building management and building automation online – System (BAM-OS) for hydrogen production, storage and reconversion

District exchange

No energy exchange is currently allowed in Austria

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