TCQi – building design and operation.


REN+HOMES will use all partners’ digital tools to create building management systems (BMS) for demonstration sites, with a focus on integrating diverse technologies and IoT data seamlessly. TCQi is a smart design and management software that will be involved throughout the building’s life cycle. It will support activities from initial design and energy proposal testing to evaluating energy consumption, building schedules, and flexibility.

Target technical data

Reduction of duplicated tasks


Data formats supported (Likert Scale)


Ease of usability /interface (Likert Scale)


Process Time savings


Design phase cost savings


Construction/retrofitting cost savings


Maintenance and operation cost savings


Total cost reduction vs typical construction/retrofitting


State of the art and main challenges

Several digital tools that facilitate management of constructions process are already available. Most of them accurately control different aspects of building constructions (e.g. design, production, etc) but an integrated platform is missing. The main challenge is to integrate different technologies and IoT data.

Innovations and added value

REN+HOMES combines tech and IoT for a building management system (BMS) and TCQi platform. TCQi manages design throughout a building’s lifecycle using a DBL and static BIM model. It aids design, energy testing, scheduling, consumption, and flexibility assessment. SW#1’s BDEA tool then generates dynamic EPC assessments and custom advice for advanced services. From this, a predictive digital twin model will be built by integrating several tools. This will lead to TCQi (SW#5) improvement in the real time management of building operation, by monitoring values to improve maintenance and sustainability parameters (e.g. fuel consumption, air quality, health).