Resilient Construction Site (RCS)


Construction sites typically lack connectivity and collaboration, leading to potential safety issues, especially in small retrofitting and renovation projects. The RCS system aims to improve safety by supporting site managers without interfering with their roles. It provides additional information from on-site sensors (IoT systems) through a user-friendly dashboard.

Target technical data

Reduction of duplicated tasks


Ease of usability /interface (Likert Scale)


State of the art and main challenges

The construction sector underutilises digital solutions and IoT technology. The project proposes the adoption of state-of-the-art technologies, showcasing their value in realistic construction scenarios. This enhances worker safety, reduces interruptions and delays, and mitigates legal risks.

Innovations and added value

The RCS supports site management and safety personnel by providing aggregated IoT sensor data through a user-friendly dashboard. It has been developed based on modular, replicable, and country-specific concepts, capitalising on existing IoT solutions. Modules can function independently or integrate with legacy or other RCS components. Five modules will be demonstrated:

  • quick alert safe anti-collision systems (ACS) prevent pedestrian entry into hazardous zones
  • enhanced reliability and optimized wearable smart protection devices
  • access control for dangerous areas
  • environmental monitoring tailored to site needs.

RCS dashboard centralises data for on-site personnel and stakeholders.