Green Factor Tool


The Green Factor Tool is an open-source assessment tool for green infrastructure, aiding landscape designers, architects, and other professionals in evaluating project credentials. Green Factor provides a score based on design quality, environmental functions, and green element effectiveness compared to the site area.

Target technical data

Process Time savings


Total cost reduction vs typical construction/retrofitting


Maintenance and operation cost savings


State of the art and main challenges

The Green Factor Tool has been developed as part of multiple projects funded either by programmes like Interreg or by city governments directly and has been taken up by different cities to aid better inclusion and implementation of high quality greening in the planning process of new constructions. The GFT provides metrics for projects to benchmark their green infrastructure credentials.

Innovations and added value

This tool boosts climate adaptation using plant complexity for heat mitigation and biodiversity. It assigns scores for well-designed, environment-friendly living spaces, considering various functions, efficacy, and size of green elements relative to site area. REN+HOMES will translate it into an online version for ease of use and to familiarize officials. Green Factor promotes green investment, GHG reduction, and property value increase. A courtyard greening solution offers proven standardised elements for GHG capture, optimising design cost while enriching biodiversity and ecosystems beyond common options like lawns.