Industrialized panel with recycled materials


The construction industry is increasingly embracing the industrialized system due to its time and cost efficiency. REN+HOMES aims to extend the use of the existing Evowall kit, using this industrialized construction method in larger and more complex structures. This initiative will reduce time, costs, and accidents during construction.

Target technical data

% of recyclable product


% of product that comes from recyclable sources


Embodied carbon

31 tonCO2eq/kg (-30% to standard)

Embodied energy

250 MJ/kg (-50% of standard solution)

Time gain during construction


Construction cost reduction

10-15% maintain the maximum

Reducing occupational accidents

100% tailored dimensions

State of art and main challenge

The EVOWALL kit for single-family houses is an existing and operational product on the market. Evowall kit allows a construction 100% tailored to the project, with a cost saving of 50% compared to a usual construction. However, the current product is only available for single-family houses, and it is not usable in multi-family ones or high-rise buildings.

Innovations and added value

The project aims to create an EVOWALL kit for multi-family and high-rise structures, which involves addressing more intricate technical requirements such as seismic and fire resistance, noise insulation, and facade insulation.

Furthermore, the new REN+HOMES EVOWALL kit will also take into account the following circular economy strategies:

  • reduction of losses and reintroducing them in manufacturing processes
  • introduction of recycled materials from external suppliers
  • reuse of process water (grey water)
  • transport reduction
  • CO2 emissions reduction

REN+HOMES Evowall kit will also focus on using recycled plastic. In alignment with the EU’s circular economy and plastic strategy, the project aims to use recycled EPE from recycling and treatment companies, which deposit it in landfills. This will greatly reduce the disposal of materials in landfills and extend the life of plastic.