Geothermal wall system


The project aims to convert existing underground walls of buildings into efficient energy sources using a geothermal wall system. This innovative approach is part of shallow geothermal energy systems known as energy geostructures that transform the underground area into a renewable energy source for heating and cooling.

State of the art and main challenges

The geothermal wall system is part of an innovative side of shallow geothermal energy systems called energy geostructures. The concept behind these is to give a building’s structural elements (i.e.: foundation systems, underground walls) a second role – that of energy exchangers. This would provide local renewable energy for heating and cooling of new buildings. The novelty and main advantage of such solutions is that no significant costs are needed to create this energy source.

Innovations and added value

REN+HOMES proposes a new system that can be attached to existing underground walls to harvest energy from the surrounding ground. This will open the possibility to use the geothermal wall system for existing buildings.
The solution refers to transformation of underground level exterior walls into a renewable energy source for heating and cooling. This is achieved by installing a special pipe system and configuration at the exterior side of the underground walls, which ensures the heat exchange with the ground.

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