Discovering passive-housing projects in Innsbruck

On 3 and 4 April, REN+HOMES consortium gathered in Innsbruck, Austria, for the second General Assembly. The meeting was also the occasion to visit successful examples of passive housing in Tyrol, and exchange knowledge at the International Passive House Conference.

On 3 and 4 April 2024, the REN+HOMES consortium gathered in Innsbruck, Austria, for the second General Assembly.

The periodical meeting represented once again the occasion for each partner to give updates on their tasks and to collaborate on project-related issues through internal workshops.

This time, the consortium was also guided around Innsbruck by the hosting partner NHT – Neue Heimat Tirol. During the tour, various examples of constructions were shown, built with the principles of passive housing and positive energy. The goal of the visit was to share knowledge and best practices on buildings’ construction and renovation, using innovative energy-efficient solutions and materials.

“We want to demonstrate that it is possible to restore also historic buildings making them more efficient, without damaging their facade” – stated Harald Malzer from NHT Construction Division.

Heating systems and air quality are some of the aspects addressed by these new construction techniques in both social housing blocks and historic buildings in Innsbruck. And wood is one of the secret “ingredients” for making houses sustainable and comfortable at the same time.

After the intense two-day General Assembly, some of the REN+HOMES partners stayed in Innsbruck to participate in the 27th International Passive House Conference organised by the project partner Passive House Institute. The conference represented a further occasion for REN+HOMES for networking at an international level, exchanging knowledge and participating in additional workshops.

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