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As the urgency to combat climate change intensifies, REN+HOMES takes the lead in developing a universal methodology for positive energy homes and residential districts. This approach addresses the crucial role that buildings play in energy consumption and carbon emissions. Due to the significant impact of buildings on emissions, there is an increasing focus on positive energy buildings (PEBs).

REN+HOMES aims to contribute to a sustainable transition by not only reducing carbon emissions but also addressing resource scarcity and energy poverty. In this respect, stakeholders are involved through education and participation programmes. Our goal is to establish a universal approach for developing positive energy homes and residential districts. This facilitates the transition to climate-neutral and energy-positive residential buildings.

Key Technologies

The project focuses on deploying a range of widely available and affordable key technologies (KTs), developing highly replicable technology packages (TPs), and integrating software solutions to streamline processes.

REN+HOMES has set a goal to develop 23 solutions, including 9 hardware, 7 software, and 7 circular plus energy homes (CPEH) methodologies.


Hardware solutions


Software solutions

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